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our activities are guided by concern for the cultural, linguistic and ethnic heritage of Belize



About us — Who we are

Strategic objective

HfP directs its human resources to the goal of alleviating poverty, improving the quality of life and promoting food security for rural communities. Support offered includes capacity building programmes, income generation and credit, emphasizing those organizations with a high degree of membership and active participation by women and small-scale farmers. Priority support is given to production, processing and marketing activities in the agricultural/cottage and tourism sectors.

In partnership with Government, and local and international organizations, HfP will assist communities to access resources for infrastructural development projects. The organization also works in the adjacency zone between Belize-Guatemala assisting with projects and confidence building measures.

HfP's activities, as an integral part of its rural and poverty-alleviation focus, are geared to assisting interested counterpart groups in literacy training, leadership training as well as production, processing and entrepreneurial skills. The organization also works in the adjacency zone between Belize-Guatemala assisting with the projects and confidence building measures.

Elements of environmental protection and recovery are included in all HfP supported activities, which will have an impact on the quality of air, land and water resources.

HfP's activities will also be guided by concern for the cultural, linguistic and ethnic heritage of Belizean society and the Meso-American reality.

Areas of Focus

All Help for Progress activities are characterized by their contribution to and concern for aspects of:


To develop skills and attitude into instruments for positive change.


Working towards simultaneous goals of justice and equity for women and men, which means, therefore, developing programs that will overcome the historical discrimination that women suffer. This policy respects the culture and social processes of each community, but it unveils the impediments to women's active participation in the task of social development and stresses specific actions to build women's leadership capacities.


Create awareness among rural communities on the necessity and use of appropriate technical and practical means to conserve, protect and restore the environment and its natural resources.

Citizen participation

Support full and active participation of rural, community-based organizations in the democratic, egalitarian and sustainable transformation of their cultural, economic, environmental, political and social reality.


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