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we have been accompanying rural communities in the development process for over 21 years


Highlights of past experience

HighlightsHelp for Progress (HfP) has been accompanying rural communities in the development process for over 21 years. HfP is a non-profit organization legally incorporated to strengthen the value and capacity of the rural sector of Belize.

Since 1981, HfP has been one of the first and key advocates of rural and agriculturally-based community involvement in the conservation of cultural and natural resources. Our studies and projects with individual farmers and farming practices, and women groups, has increased exposure particularly of the Maya women as partners in development and of the agricultural community on the impacts of adequate resource management.

Through its multiple strategies, HfP coordinates time-honored approaches that contribute to development and conservation and cross border collaboration between Belize & Guatemala.

Since 1992, we have also been managing a diverse micro credit portfolio for small business development and housing, the latter in the Banana belt of Belize.

Highlights highlights
  • The agency has vast experience working with indigenous people.
  • Substantial work has been done in collaboration with local and international organizations, including academia,
  • Experience in working with trans-boundary projects between Belize and Guatemala.
  • Developed a database of all HfP implemented projects
  • Management in Micro Credit programme for community development
  • Conducted consultancy work in environment, tourism, community development
  • HfP has experience in emergency relief management
  • Experience with community conflict resolution
  • Conducts broad networking activities with Government, NGO's and the private sector.
  • Has facility to accommodate office space, training and conference activities
  • Have hosted local and international volunteers in various programme facets


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Help for Progress Belize, El Pilar. Encouraging sustainability dignity and hope in rural Belize, El Pilar.
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