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Needs Assessment Survey

We recently completed a Needs Assessment Survey of over twelve communities in the poorest area of Belize. Click here for full details

New projects

1. NGO Capacity Building in Central America

NGO capacity building in Central America


General Objective: Provide Support in Human Resource Development, Organizational Development, Organizational Sustainability to HfP.

  • Human Resource Development: Training Board of Directors, Staff, Community Leaders.
  • Organizational Development: Upgrade Personnel Manual, Project Management, Acquire/Upgrade office equipment, Planning Marketing and Environmental Mechanism, Lobbying.
  • Organizational Sustainability: Establish a Rural Women's Fund, Office Building Rental, Consultancy Service, Resource Centre.

2. Cultivating Common Grounds El Pilar

Cultivating common grounds in El Pilar


General Objective: The creation of Forest Garden Network dedicated to construct a shared management vision to protect natural and cultural resources of El Pilar under threat and the Mesoamerican Biological Corridors.

  • To Construct or formulate a local definition for the Forest Garden Concept.
  • To build leadership, cooperation and capacity within Forest Gardeners, their communities and CoCEP in the adjacency zone.

3. Peace and Development in the Adjacency Zone

Peace and development in the adjacency zone

Funder: OXFAM UK (Guatemala)

General Objective: Improve the quality and conditions of life for poor families in the adjacency zone Belize-Guatemala

Implementers: HfP, Guatemala: Ixqik Women's Association of Peten and Association of Elias Manuel of Poptun.

Peace and development in the adjacency zone


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